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  • The true secret to an instant, natural, healthy looking glow is cream blush. Don’t be intimidated, these blushes are dead simple to apply with nothing more than your fingers, they melt right into your skin and last all day long.
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    This lotion is truly magic in a bottle. It’s the secret finishing touch to your features that once you’ve discovered it you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Gives a soft natural gleam (not sparkly), to your cheekbones, and frankly anywhere on your body you want to gleam so your skin appears over the top healthy and radiant. Like you’re fresh from a week at a yoga retreat. Glowing.
  • Bring a glowing effect to your features. Create razor sharp cheekbones with this high intensity highlighting powder. Works best on relatively smooth skin. If you’ve got slightly more mature, textured skin, create a similar but more flattering effect with the Illuminating Lotion.
  • A quick dusting of powder blush over your cheek bones for instant definition and polish. There's nothing more classic.