Foundation Brush


Brush on Beauty 
The magic of makeup rests in the brushes. Let these tools work their magic, expertly picking up just the right amount of colour and achieving effortless, expert blending. Just a few key brushes is all it takes.
Cream Blush


Sweeten your cheeks 
Define those cheekbones and achieve a natural, sun-kissed glow with a few simple steps.
June 30, 2023 - The Everyday Basics - Group Makeup Lesson


Join me for your choice of live and interactive makeup lessons or one-to-one tutorials. Learn all the tips and tricks to effective, chic, and timeless (never too trendy but definitely never boring) makeup.
Brow Shadow


Frame your features 
Look your most pulled together and polished in seconds with classic, well-defined brows. Instantly lift your features and accentuate your eyes with zero trips to the medi-spa.
Liquid Longwear Eyeshadow


Make Eye Contact 
Eyes that magnetize and draw people in. Relaxed and casual, polished and professional, or full-on glamour - let my chic, simple eye makeup get you there.
Flawless Finish Foundation


Face: Start with a base. 
Glowing, healthy radiant looking skin forms the foundations of your entire look. Keep it sheer and keep it natural.