Hello Darling!

It’s time for you to confidently look your best AND have fun with the power of makeup!

Life as a modern woman is full and you don’t have unlimited time to be in front of a mirror getting ready, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look and feel your most attractive. Learn all the tips and tricks to effective, chic, and timeless (never too trendy but definitely never boring) makeup.

Get ready for a Beauty Basics Makeup Class experience like no other

Feeling kinda (a lot!?) bored of doing the same old thing with your makeup that you’ve been doing forever? Or maybe you never really learned properly in the first place and you’ve decided now is the time.

Update your makeup skills and learn how to do:

  • The perfect 5 minute face
  • The ultimate classy, glamorous smoky eye
  • A look that’s pulled together for work
  • Or how to incorporate a touch of trend and embrace the seasons through your makeup choices

Each month focusses on a different area of these essential makeup skill sets.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Easy Holiday Party Makeup

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12   |   6 – 8:30PM

Learn hands-on makeup beauty basics ideal for those parties on your social calendar. Learn how to shake up your daily makeup routine so you feel a little extra beautiful for an evening on the town, but never over done!


Easy Holiday Party Makeup

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14   |   1 – 3:30PM

Learn hands-on makeup beauty basics ideal for those parties on your social calendar. Learn how to shake up your daily makeup routine so you feel a little extra beautiful for an evening on the town, but never over done!


Do you struggle to do your makeup? Want to create a beautiful, natural appearance that looks like you just more polished and radiant? Noticing that as your skin ages what used to work just doesn’t anymore!? Let’s fix this problem once and for all!

It’s time to get you set for success with the makeup skills you need to be able to have fun confidently doing your makeup and achieving the kinds of results you’ve always wanted.

Come experience an up-close, live and interactive, hands-on makeup class with step-by-step makeup demonstration by Adrienne featuring all her tips, tricks, and techniques. You’ll be provided with your very own fully stocked, 100% customized to your unique colouring, makeup station to use for the class allowing you to follow along every step of the way using the exact same professional grade products and brushes that are being taught with. Your private makeup station includes a mirror, and all the Adrienne Furrie line of brushes and product you’ll need, no need to bring anything with you. 

Whether you’re a makeup newbie or someone who loves beauty and makeup and wants to take your skills to the next level, these classes are geared to all levels and everyone who wants to learn more about makeup is welcome.

What You’ll Learn…

  • Essential skin care tips to have your skin looking its absolute best and perfectly primed for makeup

  • Selecting the right type of foundation for the look you’re after and finding your ideal shades of concealer and foundation

  • Applying foundation for that polished look while still keeping it as as natural looking as possible

  • How to create eyebrows that frame your features making eyes look large and alert and your overall look beautifully polished

  • How to get your eye makeup to last without creasing or fading!

  • Shaping and colouring your cheeks for an understated yet well-defined effect

  • Beautiful lips that balance perfectly with your polished look

  • What all the various makeup brushes are for, which ones you need and which one’s you don’t and how to properly care for them

What You’ll Experience:

  • Private makeup station fully stocked and 100% customized to your colouring, to use allowing you to follow along step by step as you replicate the complete look on yourself

  • On the spot friendly, helpful makeup feedback from Adrienne and her team

  • Your own personal Makeup Look Book to store all of your class handouts including detailed how to notes and custom full colour face chart to help you replicate your new look back at home

  • Stamp of completion on your class passport card and entry to win fun giveaways

Classes are limited to only 7 women, so grab your spot now and let’s help you put your most effortless, beautiful self forward!

Bonus Topics Adrienne Will Cover At Events:

  • Common pitfalls and mistakes we can all make with our makeup and how to avoid making them yourself

  • Hot trends in makeup – how to incorporate a touch of trend to ensure your look is current and fresh while still being classic and polished

  • Your most pressing beauty questions, plenty of time for open floor Q&A

Can’t make these dates work? Or have a group of girlfriends you’d like to arrange a private class for?

Click here to learn more about my private group events


You don’t need to bring anything, all makeup and beauty tools required for the class are provided by the Adrienne Furrie line for your convenience.

Returning guests from previous live classes with Adrienne be sure to bring your Makeup Look Book with you!

It sure is! Every registered guest is sent a pre-questionnaire that must be completed and returned at least 48 hours before the event so your kit can be lovingly prepared just for you with all your custom product shades.

You can contact info@adriennefurrie.com with any questions.

All tickets are final sale and non-refundable, however tickets are transferrable. Please contact info@adriennefurrie.com to update attending guests details.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to participate, however the overall teaching of  the classes will be focussed on the woman who’s more on the beginner side of makeup.