Hey! I’m Adrienne

A makeup artist, image expert, entrepreneur, mom, runner and eternal optimist laser focussed on helping you look your most absolute, authentic-self, best.

Calgary born and raised (with some great world adventure travel tucked in), the mountains and towering pine trees are in my blood. From a young age I’ve been fascinated with the power of makeup and clothing to express and alter who we are; both how you feel about yourself and how others respond to you.

With over 20 years experience in the fashion, beauty, and business worlds helping people just like you with online training groups, private one-on-one help and top quality makeup and brushes. To stop wasting time and energy on how you look and confidently step out your door each and every day knowing you’re putting your best foot forward.

Everything that happens here is to reach the end goal of you never having to worry about doing your makeup “wrong”, or wearing the “wrong” colour or style of clothes again. For you to walk into your closet every morning and feel excited and confident about the choices you see in front of you. For you to look at yourself in the mirror with love and acceptance and confident knowledge what steps to take to have you feeling your most beautiful and polished.

I get the frustration and angst that can come from not feeling confident about your wardrobe and how you look. This happened to me when I become a mom nine years ago. I went from feeling like I had it “going on” in the personal style department, to feeling like a bit of a schlep!

My entire sense of self identity was rocked. Now that I was a mom who was I? I felt (and looked) very different, as if I’d grown up and become a more mature woman virtually over night, and I had no idea what this new person, this new Adrienne, should look like. Even though I’d come from a personal background of fashion and beauty, it was a whole new ball game applying those skills in the face of such dramatic life change.

It was from my own experience of translating this “new me” into a wardrobe and personal sense of style I felt totally confidently-at-home in, that the business you now see before you came into existence in 2010.

Be it becoming a new parent, gaining weight, starting a new career, taking your business to the next level or seeking fun and love, your life is full of big changes and you need the outside you to reflect and support the person you are on the inside. The real you. The confident, beautiful, authentic you.

If you don’t think of yourself as a “makeup or clothes person” you are in the right place, I’ve got your back. You want to look and feel as natural as possible, and not take forever getting yourself ready in the morning.

I’m dedicated to helping you look freakin’ amazing and feel absolutely unstoppable in your life, love and business.

It’s what I am meant to do.

My background is a blend of working as a professional makeup artist with , fashion and the business world. Coupled with real world experience of being a busy entrepreneurial mom of two, with two large family dogs and a much loved husband of nearly 20 years. All of this lends to my wholistic, big picture understanding of how your makeup and wardrobe choices must fit into, and support your actual day to day life. All with a dash of major glamour!