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Hey! I’m Adrienne.


I’m Calgary, Canadian born and the mountains and towering pine trees are in my blood. I grew up surrounded by people who took care and pride in their appearance. And from a young age I’ve been fascinated with the power of makeup and clothing to transform who we are; both how we feel about ourselves and how others respond to us.

My mother epitomizes natural beauty and classic dressing, I aspire to look half as beautiful as her when I am her age. From my father I learned a healthy life long love of running and sport and to aim for impeccable but appropriately casual dress. My two grandmothers came from a time when women dressed up and I absorbed so much being with them. I accompanied one of my grandmothers on a trip through Europe when she was in her mid 80’s and she was one of the best dressed of the bunch in her classic crisp white blouses, wool trousers and statement engraved west coast native art silver and gold bangles. And my other grandmother lived a life of beautiful luxury, surrounded by her exotic collections of furniture and art always overlooking an ocean view. She was always beautifully dressed in her big glamorous sunglasses and over the top bold printed dresses, she had so much fun with fashion and life.


As a natural looking and as effortless-as-possible, beauty obsessed makeup artist and image consultant, I’m dedicated to helping you look freakin’ amazing and feel absolutely unstoppable in your life, love and business.

I love helping you look and feel your most powerfully beautiful.

It’s what I am meant to do.

My background is a slightly unconventional blend of makeup and fashion, business, and personal development. Coupled with real world experience of being a busy entrepreneurial mom of two, with two large family dogs and a much loved husband of nearly 20 years. All of this lends to my wholistic, big picture understanding of how your makeup and wardrobe choices must fit into, and support your actual day to day life.

My makeup and fashion experience comes from a lifetime of investigating and exploring beauty and image, time spent working with MAC cosmetics as a professional makeup artist and working in fashion with a major Canadian retailer.

The business experience was gained through a commerce degree in finance and years of working in fashion manufacturing and other professional small business and corporate roles. I get the professional work world.

And last but definitely not least my love and interest in personal development started with a serious yoga addiction in my university years and then exploded when I pursued my professional life coach training and yoga teacher trainings. I am 100% committed to living a rich, satisfying meaningful life full of love, joy and adventure, and to supporting you in reaching your life goals by having the outside you support you every step of the way.