No More Masks and Beauty Routines - now what!?

No More Masks and Beauty Routines - now what!?

Masks are coming off and our beautiful faces are re-emerging. I for one absolutely adore being able to see complete faces again, I never got over the weirdness of not being able to properly gauge facial expressions with only the upper half exposed.

I also get that masks coming off can be cause for some angst for those of us who have relished the minimal beauty prep required when heading out the door.

Many of us are not as buffed and polished as we were two years ago when Covid first started. Brows have since grown in thicker, teeth whitening dental hygiene appointments were missed, gel nails have been abandoned for natural polish free tips, and make up routines are all over the map. The upkeep lists were long for a lot of us and many have opted for a far more natural approach to their beauty routines, I’m definitely seeing way more natural hair colour being embraced as just one example. And a lot of woman are questioning their level of interest in returning to the long list of beauty habits that were just part of the regular routine before.

Here’s a few ideas to help make your transition to ‘masklessness’ less awkward.

#1 - Focus on your skin, when you get your skin back in tip top shape you’re at least 50% of the way there to looking your best. What does “focusing on your skin” actually mean in real day to day life? It’s the basics folks!

  • Remember to stay hydrated, water does loads of good things for us, one of which is plumper more juicy looking skin (ie less wrinkles and dull complexions)
  • Wash your face and always use a moisturizer at bedtime, even if you don’t have makeup to take off it’s still an important habit to maintain.
  • Keep the top layer of skin glowing and smooth with frequent mild exfoliation - this can be as simple as using a gentle facecloth and buffing your skin daily or as elaborate as trips to the spa for facials (which is a lovely treat so don’t discount this!)
  • Get back to good nutrition habits, what we eat has a direct relationship to how we’re looking.
  • Use sunscreens whenever you expect extended sun exposure (anything more than dashing to and from the house to the car!) or throw on a sun hat as we get into the spring/summer stronger sun times of year

#2 - Ease your way back into makeup if it’s been a while and be gracious with yourself while you sort out your new routines.

  • Let makeup feel fun and casual, never take it too seriously. Makeup is like the cherry on top, it’s the icing, it should make you feel good not frustrated.
  • Probably consider updating a few key products if they’ve been sitting idle in your makeup bag - notably: mascara’s (these dry out), foundations (if they’ve separated and aren’t mixing up well anymore or especially if they smell ‘off’). Any long wear products such as waterproof pencils or eye gels, these can totally dry out over time and simply won’t work any longer. And check out your lipsticks, lip balms etc for scent, like any oil based food product a quality oil based cosmetic product can eventually turn rancid and should no longer be used (typical lifespan of most lip products is usually around two years). Your lip products should smell sweet and fresh, anything other than that it’s time to refresh them.
  • If your skin has broken out with acne from wearing masks get friendly with a good concealer, a small touch of concealer dotted over the darker marks on your skin can really help to smooth out your overall skin tone without always having to reach for full foundation.
  • Start to have fun with adding colour to your cheeks and lips again, and consider giving your eye makeup a break for a change! Keep eyes simple with a nice set of brows to frame your eyes, some quick simple eyeliner and mascara might be more than enough when paired with a fresh pop of colour on the cheeks and lips. This is also a nice lightweight look as we head into warmer weather.

And of course if you’re feeling stumped for inspiration book in for a lesson! We’ll get you rolling on a new updated makeup routine you love, feel confident doing and looks great as you head out into your world smiling.


Photo curtesy of Laurie MacBrown Photography