How to Look Your Best in Professional Photos

Makeup for Professional Photos

An undeniable reality of modern life is how much is now digital and online, and as a user of online technology you’re constantly bumping into requests to “upload your image here”.

Having great images of yourself is both empowering and pretty much essential in our day and age, regardless if you’re an “online entrepreneur” or not.

So when you find yourself faced with the inevitable photo requests, you’ve got one of two possible reactions:

“Oh c$*p, I have zero pictures of myself that I really feel good putting up online”


“hmmm, which one of my handful of great photos should I use?”

Which one sounds better to you? 

Check out this week’s video for tips on how to set yourself up for photoshoot success and be sure to have a few beautiful images for you to choose from next time you’re asked to “upload your image here!”…

I hope these tips and tricks help you to feel your most confident next time you find yourself standing in front of a camera and that you never have that sinking feeling again when you’re asked to submit a photo of yourself.

See below some 'results' from some of my recent makeup applications for Jen Powter - weight loss and fitness expert.  

PS – If you know you need (want!) new photos, get in touch. I'll do the makeup, styling, provide the studio and a professional photographer.  Or if you just need the makeup, that works for me too.