How-To-Do Eyebrows Tutorial

How-To-Do Eyebrows Tutorial

Eyebrows are the windows to the soul.

No wait a second, that’s eyes.

Well, eyebrows should be the windows to the soul, they have that much influence over how you look.

Ask any woman who’s either got baby blond or silver, nearly invisible eyebrows or due to an overzealous beauty habit has over-tweezed her eyebrows to the point of pencil-thin and missing eyebrow tails.

Plain and simple, eyebrows really matter to how you look!

And you don’t need to be suffering from a case of invisible or missing brows to benefit. Even women with dark, full brows, still see a huge benefit from taking an extra minute or two to fill them in with makeup.

When you get your eyebrows right it instantly lifts your features helping to fight off the downward effects of gravity we all must face with age. Brows also make your overlook top-notch, polished and pulled together. And brows help to make your eyes seem their largest and most beautiful.

That’s a lot of good things to say about brows!

Check out this video for a visual demonstration of the power of eyebrows and a step by step eyebrow makeup tutorial.

Eyebrow Product Reference List

Brow Tamer Brush – Used to smooth, shape and soften brow colour

Brow Definer Brush – Used to apply your brow powder

Brow Pencil in shade Blond

Brow Powder in shade Desert Brown

Brow Gel in shade Brunette