How do you know if you’re rocking a great signature look and personal sense of style for yourself versus finding yourself stuck in a rut?

A personal signature sense of style is conscious and thought through, there’s an intentionality behind it.

Being stuck in a rut is operating on auto pilot. Grabbing the same clothes day in and day out, applying your makeup the same way you always have regardless of the march of time or the occasion.

A signature look is cultivated over time and like a fabulous fine wine gets better and better each passing year.

A rut is static, there’s no sense of growth or change. Each passing year taking you further and further from a style that has kept up with the times and reflects who you are as an individual today.

Your signature style feels like a second skin to you, it IS you.

A rut feels heavy, awkward, like a snake that’s outgrown its skin.

A signature style expresses you and your personality, helping you shine and feel your most confident as you go about your daily life.

A rut hides you and covers up your personality, making you feel dull and listless.

A signature style does have boundaries. A kind of guiding container your choices fall into, you know quickly what works for you and what doesn’t. While still staying open to change.

A rut has boundaries, but is tight and rigid. Choices being made out of habit not from true awareness of what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Seek personal sense of style and stay vigilant for falling into a rut. One lifts you up, the other drags you down.