Have you ever watched a makeover show and found yourself fascinated with the before and afters?

Seeing the transformation that is possible for someone is often nothing short of magical. And don’t you find there’s almost always something to be learned that you can apply in your own life?

When you watch these shows or stand in front of your closet do you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about experiencing a makeover yourself? A fresh start? An outside pair of eyes? Good grief, some help!!?!

What if you could WIN one for free……… 🤩

This week’s video might very well just be the ticket that changes everything for you, where you stop wishing for change and actually go for it.

Click on the below video to get the full inside scoop.


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Big hugs and good luck!


**Update Makeover Challenge deadline for applications has closed, thank you for your interest! Please visit here for details on booking your makeover**