You could’ve heard a pin drop when I shared the news with the Great Makeover participants that their makeover experience finale celebration would be a wrap up party featuring them walking the runway in a fashion show.

Silence, for at least 5 looooong seconds. Complete and utter silence, from the entire group that was gathered for their first online video meet and greet.

I’ll be totally transparent, the stunned reactions made me start to panic a little on the inside, was I taking them too far?

Was I totally out to lunch that this was something that would be, while yes, challenging, but also fun and most importantly, liberating?

Knowing you can face your fears and nerves, and confidently step out in front of a room full of people, that takes courage. And if you can walk a runway what else becomes possible for you!?? What else can you decide to say yes to?

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, despite ongoing nerves within the group, I stuck strong to my instincts that walking the runway was the right move for these ladies who were ready for, and making, big changes inside and out.

And as fate would have it, I actually had the tables turned on me during this same period of time when I was asked to appear in a fashion show, ha ha, 😂 fun and challenging! Click here for an Instagram snap of that experience.

Check out this week’s video for a inside sneak peek into how their walking-the-runway experience turned out! (ps spoiler alert…. they completely rocked it out!!)




Stay tuned for the upcoming full behind the scenes scoop for each of these beautiful women as they each navigate their own unique makeover challenges and journey’s.

Big hugs,

ps – if you’re ready to walk the runways of your life (metaphorically or perhaps literally!), and you’re ready to confidently enter a room knowing you look and feel great, let’s connect and talk about your appearance and the changes you’re considering making. September is starting to book up so if you’re ready for change let’s set a date and make it happen. Drop me a note at