Of all the colours of the rainbow that may possibly be present in a wardrobe, the colour black, more than any other, sparks controversy.

Black clothes fall into two extreme opposite ends of the fashion spectrum:

At one end you’ve got the uber over the top extreme fashion’ista types, the artsiest of the artsy, often spotted in edgy, head to toe black.

At the other end of the fashion continuum you’ve got the individual who is either doing everything in their power to blend in and not be noticed, OR frankly just doesn’t give a damn about clothes, also often spotted wearing a lot of black.


I find those with closets featuring a lot of black pieces are often quite apologetic about how much black they have in their wardrobe. As if it’s a forbidden no no, a fashion taboo to wear a lot of black.

To which I always reply “well it depends on how you’re wearing your black”.

If your black items of clothing are designed to camouflage you so no one notices you and you become invisible? Or they’re your “I give up” go to options.  That’s an issue.

But if your black clothes have interesting form, fit you well, are made from a variety of different interesting textures (ie not all soft stretchy cottons!), and make you feel like a super, powerhouse babe, then I’d say you’re on the right path.

Black when done well is provocative, edgy, interesting, intimidating, easy to maintain and sliming – hence it’s perennial place on the pedestal of the fashion loving crowd, truly nothing beats it. This also extends to black in makeup, such as black eyeliner and black eyeshadows, a well stocked makeup bag will always contain these two items and any woman who’s got a solid handle on her makeup skills is definitely using black.

So wear your black clothes proudly, if you don’t have any get out and buy yourself some, confidently blend that black shadow and liner into your smoky eye and go forth and rock your bad ass self.