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The number one brush that you probably don’t have and should have. The blending brush to end all blending brushes.


Just pick up the tiniest trace of your crease colour on the very tip of this brush and then let this brush do the rest of the work for you. It’s unique long tapered shape fits snugly into the hollow of your eye while the rest of the tapered bristles do the heavy duty blending work for you. This is a brush that once you understand how to use it will allow you to achieve that perfectly blended out eye makeup you’ve been trying to unsuccessfully to nail your whole life. I’ll fully admit, I’m in love with this brush.

In stock



Professional makeup artist inspired eye blender brush. Hand crafted by world’s premier cosmetic art brush manufacturer since 1929, located in New York City, the heart of the worlds beauty and fashion scene.

  • Solid, natural, lacquered wood handles come from managed national wood reforestation programs. These brushes have a weight and quality to them that’s simply a delight to hold and use.
  • Top quality nickel metal ferrule guaranteed to keep bristles firmly attached . Providing superior style and long lasting durability.
  • Unique blend of natural cruelty free animal hair and state of the art synthetic fibres provides the best of both worlds. The natural hair picks and applies pigments while the synthetic bristles do all the blending work.

The magic of makeup rests largely with your brushes. You don’t need a lot, just the right ones. I’ve developed and selected these brushes because these work. They’re what I use professionally and I know they are simple and effective to use. Giving you the gorgeous results you’re after without all the confusion or the fuss.