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A classic kabuki style buffing brush.

The stubby handle allows for this brush to fit effortlessly into the palm of your hand making it feel like a natural extension of your hand to buff and blend all your powders from highlighter to contour to blush to setting powder, this one powder brush does it all.

And the short metal handle fits perfectly into your purse or makeup bag for super easy transport.

In stock



Professional makeup artist inspired powder brush. Hand crafted by world’s premier cosmetic art brush manufacturer since 1929, located in New York City, the heart of the worlds beauty and fashion scene.

  • Top quality metal ferrule guaranteed to keep bristles firmly attached . Providing superior style and long lasting durability.
  • Responsibly sourced, cruelty free natural hair bristles pick up and deposit the perfect amount of product.

The magic of makeup rests largely with your brushes. You don’t need a lot, just the right ones. I’ve developed and selected these brushes because these work. They’re what I use professionally and I know they are simple and effective to use. Giving you the gorgeous results you’re after without all the confusion or the fuss.