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  • Put down your liquid liners and say hello to your new best friend, this cream liner gives you a crisp, beautifully defined eyeliner effect that will seem as familiar as using an eye pencil. Easily correct mistakes and get long wear effect that will see you through a full day at the office and well into the evening. Requires an eyeliner brush to apply, the thin angled brush is perfect for a crisp, easily controlled line every time.
  • The pure magic of eyeshadow, once you get your hands on good quality product, the right shades, and a few key application tricks, the world is your oyster. Say hello to your extra gorgeous, big, mesmerizing eyes. These eyeshadows are sold as individual magnetic pans that are designed to be housed in the magnetic palette. You can use these individual shades to replace a used up favourite shade from one of the palettes or you can build your own custom palette from scratch. How cool is that!? Economical, creative, and environmental. Love it.
  • No more guessing what shadows to pair together. The shades in each of these equal parts classic and glamorous eyeshadow palettes have been chosen to help create a specific look and feel to your eye makeup.  Each palette can be used to create a soft day look or a sexy evening look, it’s all in how you use them.

    These environmentally friendly magnetic palettes conveniently allow you to easily replace just the magnetic shadow pans that you've used up without having to purchase a whole new palette. Brilliant!  
  • All you could possibly want or need in an eye pencil. Intensely pigmented so you don't have to work hard to get colour. These eye pencils are soft enough to not tug on your delicate eye skin but firm enough to hold a nice sharp point. Perfection. And an absolute must for your sultry evening looks.
  • Say goodbye to eye shadow that creases or feels like it disappears halfway through the day. This creamy liquid eyeshadow is a game changer. Wear it alone as a beautiful, smooth, shimmering effect on the eye, or pair it up with any other eyeshadow and it creates a primer, waterproof barrier between your skin and the shadows on top giving you smooth, flawless eyeshadows that stay put until the wee hours of the night. Perfectly fabulous.
  • High gloss lashes that are perfectly separated, lengthened and slightly curled. The slender silicone wand is dead simple to use and applies just the right amount of mascara where you want it, no clumps or spider lashes here.