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  • Eye brows are a big deal, and at least half the battle in getting them to look their best is having the right brow brush. This brush provides the perfect amount of stiffness and thickness to give you a well defined but still soft and natural looking brow. No crazy looking eyebrows here, just naturally beautiful brows that lift your features and perfectly frame your eyes. Simple, effective.
  • Don’t let the un-fanciness of this little brush fool you. It may not be the most glamorous of the makeup tools but it is absolutely an essential part of getting your eyebrows to be their most beautiful and glorious! This little brush will clean, shape and then soften your brow colour to keep those brows looking top notch perfect. Also a handy tool to tame mascara clumps in your lashes. A must brush, and is likely to become an unexpected new favourite part of your day (one client of mine actually told me that she enjoys her daily eyebrow brushing more than brushing her teeth!)
  • This darling brush is designed to easily apply and blend creamy products to the eye area. Used primarily to apply my Longwear Eyeshadow. And also works beautifully to apply and blend out your under eye concealers, and the very tip of this brush comes to a nice rounded point that’s crisp enough you can also use it for precise, accurate concealer application for any of those pesky little blemishes that love to pop up from time to time.
  • The number one brush that you probably don’t have and should have. The blending brush to end all blending brushes. Seriously. Just pick up the tiniest trace of your crease colour on the very tip of this brush and then let this brush do the rest of the work for you. It’s unique long tapered shape fits snugly into the hollow of your eye while the rest of the tapered bristles do the heavy duty blending work for you. This is a brush that once you understand how to use it will allow you to achieve that perfectly blended out eye makeup you’ve been trying to unsuccessfully to nail your whole life. I’ll fully admit, I’m in love with this brush.
  • The finest, most precise eyeliner brush you will ever find. If you struggle to draw a thin, crisp line, this brush will change your life, for real. It’s ultra thin edge makes it practically goof proof to use, say good buy to thick, clumsy out of control eyeliner!
  • Your classic basic eye shadow brush. The densely packed bristles of this little beauty are designed to pick up and deposit larger quantities of pigment. This is the brush you use when you want to build up colour on your lid that you can really see!
  • The perfect brush for precise colour application along the crease or lash line, and will smudge out an eye pencil like an absolute dream for a killer smoky eye. A brush I would never dream of doing makeup without, and neither should you.
  • This foundation brush is a game changer when it comes to applying your foundation. Easily achieve sheer, perfectly blended coverage just where you want it and provides that gorgeous air brushed effect to your skin. A brush used by all makeup professionals for good reason, foundation applied with fingers is just never going to look as good as it does with the right brush.
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    A classic powder brush. Ultra soft bristles, feels beautifully indulgent to sweep across your skin. Not too big, not to small, just right. This multi purpose brush will take you from dusting on setting powder, to a dash of powder blush, highlighter or a chiseled contour effect.