Hello, Beautiful.

You are ready to see some real, tangible changes in how
you’re presenting yourself, and you are ready to see them now!

You’re done with putting life on hold, you’re ready to look in the mirror and love what you see. To walk out into your world confident that you look and feel your absolute most confident, attractive, creative, polished self.

You don’t have to figure this out alone.

It’s easy to be blind to our own thoughts and untrue, unsupportive self perceptions of how we look and what’s most flattering. Where what’s needed is a fresh, well informed, supportive, outside opinion of what’s possible.

Here’s to you saying yes to looking your most amazing and feeling your most unstoppable!

Imagine opening your closet, loving what you see and knowing with complete confidence what to wear every day. No more hiding your beautiful, amazing self away from the world.

What would it feel like to do your makeup and know exactly what you needed to do to look your most naturally radiant and beautiful? Or knowing how to amp up the sexiness and knock out a perfect smoky eye whenever you wanted and having just the right outfit to go with it.

Imagine knowing…

  • Exactly where to shop

  • What the right pieces are for you

  • What colours make your skin glow

  • What styles and cuts are most flattering

  • Dressing to feel not only physically but psychologically comfortable

Get the answers you want now about what clothing, accessories, hair and makeup suits your unique:

  • Features

  • Body shape

  • Budget

  • Personal sense of style

  • Lifestyle and personality

No two women are the same and no two wardrobes or makeup routines are the same.

Here’s how we can work together one-on-one:

1/2 Day Makeover

This is the perfect starting point to your transformation, and be sure to bring a notepad because you’ll be leaving with tons of ideas for simple changes you can make that will give you big results.


  • Learn what your best colours are and how to use them in your wardrobe and makeup

  • Discover the secrets of how to dress for your unique body shape so you look and feel your absolute best

  • Hands on makeup lesson with step by step instruction where you’ll learn how to confidently and expertly do Everyday Natural and Chic makeup

  • Custom face chart of your makeup for easy reference back home

  • Customized ebooklet summarizing your best colours, shapes and makeup how-tos for day-to-day on the go easy reference (take it shopping with you so you always know what you’re looking for!)

* available in person at The Studio (in Calgary, AB) or virtually online

Full Day Makeover

You’re ready for your transformation to begin today. Be sure to get a good nights rest this is an action packed day!


  • All 1/2 Day Makeover results PLUS:

  • An in-depth image planning session to define your unique sense of style and map out your new, elevated look

  • A wardrobe review and purge (yes, we’re cleaning out your closet!)

  • Customized style board to visually define, and easily reference your sense of style

  • Shopping list tailored just to you of what items are needed to build your functional, and beautiful wardrobe

* available on location at your home, in person at The Studio (in Calgary, AB) or virtually online

Professional Makeup Application and Styling

You’ve got an important photo or video shoot coming up and you need a pro on hand to make sure you get the natural, light-handed, authentically you results you want. Commercial shoots for online or print, and personal shoots for those important life events such as weddings, you want to look and feel your absolute best.

Options May Include:

  • Pre-shoot consultation to review and plan wardrobe based on the intended goal of the final images or video, and your unique colouring, proportions and personal style

  • Pre event makeup trial

  • Day of, on site professional makeup application

  • Feedback and support choosing your final images (an objective pair of eyes is always helpful)

* available in Calgary and area, or will travel *

Total Style Transformation

This package is your complete makeover experience and you’ve got someone by your side the whole way through.


  • All Full Day Makeover results PLUS:

  • A shopping trip together where we find those perfect pieces off your shopping list

* available in person in Calgary, or will travel *

  • A trip together to the hair salon for your fresh new updated style

  • A photo shoot with a top professional photographer to capture your best, most beautiful, polished self

Book your free style assessment.

I cannot wait to meet you and help you on your personal
transformation to looking and feeling your most amazing.

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