You know what can be darn tricky?

Gauging the effectiveness of your appearance.

How do you know when it’s working for you and when it’s not?

Do you ever feel like there’s too many competing opinions on what makes for a “good” or “right” way to look and present yourself? Popular media, culture, spouses, bosses, business books, personal development courses, your mom, your best friend…your own beliefs and ideas which may or may not be accurate … so many voices, which ones do you listen to!?

Last week I announced the very first Great Makeover Challenge, our very own mini makeover show, where 6 women will win a FREE MAKEOVER experience and we’ll be sharing their entire experience here with you! Maybe it could be you! Applications are due by May 31st so don’t miss out, click here for details and to apply.

Here are just a few snippets of stories shared by the adventurous and beautiful women that have stepped up to the plate and applied to be considered. To help you see that you are not alone feeling like you need a boost …


“I have a closet full of clothes and feel attractive in about 1% of them.  The best word to describe my wardrobe would be “serviceable”.

“I’ve never once looked in the mirror and felt like I looked pretty, or at the least, attractive. I would like to truly learn how to make the best of what I have so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin, confident, and attractive not only inside, but outside, too.”

“I feel tired when I look at my closet. I want to feel adorned properly where I feel and look my best at this time in my life when on the inside I’m totally turned on. How can I make my outside match my inside?”

“A few years ago I suffered a devastating blow financially and emotionally.  I gained a lot of weight due to the stress and despair of my situation and lost my confidence and self esteem . A makeover would be a wonderful boost!”

“I am ready to step into my feminine appearance, boost my outerwear confidence and stand more proud in how I look and what I am emitting out to the world.”


To help you know if your image is working for you, and to find out ultimately whose opinion matters most, there are 3 key questions to ask yourself.

Watch this video and discover these 3 questions and clear on what kind of change is, or isn’t needed for you right now.



After watching be sure to leave a comment below the video and let us know if you’ve ever given yourself a makeover? How did you go about it? And what kind of results did you get?!

Big hugs,

ps  If you missed the win a FREE MAKEOVER announcement it’s not too late, you’ve got until May 31st to submit your application, click here for details and if you’ve got a friend who you know could use a little loving tlc invested in herself be sure to forward this email to her.