Mornings are a notoriously busy time of day.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to getting yourself (and maybe also your family) up and out the door. And if we’re not organized this can involve a lot of wasted energy bumping into the same frustrating decisions over and over again, day in and day out.

I invite you to join our busy, working mom of three Catharine, for a sneak peak behind the scenes of her recent makeover experience. She jumps head first into a crash course in looking her most casually pulled together with the least amount of time and decision making necessary.

When life is busy (and even on those calm days), we all benefit from doing a little up front work to get our wardrobes and daily getting-out-the-door grooming routines dialed in.

Once you’ve got a closet of clothes you feel good in and you know confidently how to mix and match, and you’ve got a good basic makeup routine up your sleeve, you can mostly put getting dressed on autopilot. Not having to re-think (agonize! 😩) every morning saves your time and energy for the full day ahead.

I hope you enjoy the following sneak peek and pick up a few golden nuggets to help you have the wardrobe and makeup routines that truly work for you and your life.



A huge thank you to Catharine for openly sharing her journey allowing others to learn alongside you. And to all the makeover partners, without you none of this could have come together as beautifully as it did, thank you.

Professional photographyKirstey Jane Creative
Catharine’s wardrobeIlona Makar of CAbi
HairJanine Monterio
Pleasure CoachMaryFrances Barbisan R.N.
Fashion Show VenueThe Heather Company 

Big hugs,