Do you ever get that feeling like you need a change? A real, deep, re-prioritizing of how you’re spending your life and possibly the people you surround yourself with?

I know I’ve definitely been called to make big changes at various key points in my life. And I’ve tried my best to listen and take action when I’ve felt that tug.

The first major life change came in my early 30’s when I knew it was time to get serious about pursuing my long standing goal of running my own business, it wasn’t going to happen by itself!

The next big change came after the birth of my son. I experienced a major existential….ahhhh…. let’s call it awakening. This was when yoga, and personal development came roaring into my world in a big way.

And in more recent history but surely not to be the last, a whole new round of reflection and again, re-prioritization of life arrived loud and clear following the challenges of my second pregnancy and the eventual joyful arrival of my beautiful daughter. This period marked a major refocussing on self care and creative, playful self expression.

Often when a woman approaches me about working together she’s at some kind of major turning point in her life, there’s something significant going on for her. Maybe it’s a milestone birthday, a divorce, a return to the workforce or dating world, a step up in business goals, or perhaps a coming to terms with a changed body. Sometimes these changes are forced on us, and other times we seek them out, ready to let go of the old and usher in the new.

Great Makeover Challenge winner, Kerry, was no exception. Facing several big life changes including a 60th birthday, the loss of a long time cherished pet companion, and starting to plan for retirement, she intuitively knew this was the time for her to welcome in change. A time to take better care of herself on both the inside and out, focussing on her health as well as her beauty through her dressing and grooming habits.

I invite you to watch this weeks video for a dive into Kerry’s heartwarming makeover experience.

The opportunities to turn over a fresh leaf are endless, it’s all about the willingness to stand up, grab hold and go for it. Amazing job Kerry, and a huge thank you to all the partners along the way without whom this experience wouldn’t have been the same.

Professional photographyKirstey Jane Creative
Kerry’s wardrobeA Special Place
HairJanine Monterio
Pleasure CoachMaryFrances Barbisan R.N.
Fashion Show VenueThe Heather Company 

Big hugs,