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Welcome to Your Image Evolution.

Everything You Need To Elevate Your Personal Style
And Grow Your Positive, Confident and Beautiful Self Image.

Let me help you learn makeup and image skills in a way that fits effortlessly into your life!

Let’s face it, free YouTube tutorials, magazine articles and Pinterest infographics are fun and helpful, but only to a point. The problem is these mediums are one way communication, you don’t get to ask questions and get customized answers. Topics tend to be of-the-moment trend driven and not focused on enduring classic beauty and style. You don’t get the benefit of a relatable, supportive community to help keep you on track. And nothin ain’t truly free, with public online and print content you pay the price with a heavy constant stream of advertising, ugh, it can be exhausting don’t you find?

Here at Image Evolution we do things differently. You learn timeless makeup, wardrobe and style skills in a friendly, sophisticated, well-organized, ad-free, community grounded environment where you have every opportunity you could ever want to get all of your how-to-look-my-best questions answered.

When you feel good about what you see in the mirror…

You feel good about you…

You go out in your world and do good.

You become a better parent, a better partner, and lover, a better business owner, and a better friend to all people, animals and our beautiful mother earth.

This community is for you if…

  • You’re a woman who is committed to being visible and having a strong voice in this world, no more hiding or being invisible

  • You’re interested in showing up as your best self and putting your best foot forward

  • You’re interested in learning more about how to create sustainable fashion habits that are good not only for your pocket book but for the longterm health of our planet and our people

  • You thrive in a supportive community that keeps accountability and motivation strong

  • You’re evolving your personal sense of style and are interested in fresh perspectives on what looking your best means and how it can support you in reaching your goals

  • You’re a lifelong learner who loves new ideas and powerful conversations on topics of beauty, image, well being, and the positive psychology of fashion and image

What you receive…

  • Monthly new exclusive image and makeup training video delivered straight to your inbox covering topics such as step by step how to makeup application, incorporating new trends into your look, quick, budget-friendly personal grooming tips that really work, how to use colour effectively

  • Detailed face charts with every makeup training video to add to your personal reference library of makeup looks

  • Private Facebook group to network with other like-minded people, to share your struggles and your successes, to learn from one another. And also receive ongoing of-the-moment image and style tips and guidance so you stay in the know with minimal effort

  • Ongoing community, accountability, support, and resources to get your image and style questions answered and to share resources with one another

  • Online book club on topics relating to: fashion, wellbeing, image, beauty, positive psychology

  • Special membership only discounted pricing on live workshops and other events

  • Monthly live interactive online Q&A session hosted by Adrienne with occasional guest experts to ask your questions and stay on track

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is not a program. This is an ongoing community of women and resources that are there for you when you need them and you have the time to participate. There is no “getting behind” to worry about.

Yes! The private secret group is housed on Facebook and is exclusively for active members which means anything you post there is only seen by the group and no one else. You are also more than welcome to simply read the comments but not participate in the discussion forums.

If you are not active on Facebook at all you will still benefit from the monthly training video, book club, and the live online interactive Q&A sessions plus the numerous live get togethers hosted throughout the year and savings on other live workshops that are made available.

Trust that this group is 100% supportive and rooting for you to succeed, and everything shared within the group is completely confidential. Everyone participating is there for similar reasons, to show up in a bigger, brighter way that is authentic to them. Anyone who doesn’t honour this spirit of the group will be asked to leave.

Still have questions?

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