Few self care topics swirl around in as much mystique, (mis?)information and product choice overload and general confusion, as skincare.

“Buy this life changing product!. Don’t buy that, the scary ingredient will harm you! Do this! Don’t do that!”

Wow, don’t you find it can all be a bit too much at times? I know I sure can.

Yes you want glowing beautiful skin that radiates health and vitality. And yes you want to know you are doing a good job taking care of yourself to the very best of your abilities and budget.

But how do you separate out fact from fiction when it comes to understanding what it means to have a good skincare routine? And the million dollar question  – do you need to spend a lot of money to get good skincare products? Because my goodness all those lovely creams, cleansers, toners and beauty gadgets can sure get pricey fast.

Check out this week’s video to get the straight goods on your skincare. You’ll learn the four essential steps to take, proven ingredients that really make a difference and how much you need to spend to get the results you want.




Hope you’ve found these skincare answers helpful. They’re the guidelines I do my best to follow and they’re the guidelines I share with all my clients.


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