You’ve earned yourself some wrinkles. There’s been laughter, tears, and numerous spins around the sun. Your skin no longer as smooth as it used to be.

Does this mean you’re doomed to say au revoir forever to sparkles and shine in your makeup?

I say no, absolutely not!

The fairy like magicalness of shimmer is one of the best parts about makeup and the idea of cutting it out entirely is not only sad, but it’s also entirely un-necessary.

Yes, it is true, that shimmer will show off the texture of skin more, in other words wrinkles will be more apparent when shimmer is used. However to deal with this we simply take a three pronged attack.

The Deal With Shimmery Makeup and Wrinkles

Strategy A – Placement

Be strategic about where you place your shimmer products.

The main areas most of us are sensitive about wrinkles tends to be right around the eye area: beside (laugh lines), and directly underneath.

So don’t let anything shimmery touch these specific areas. Watch that eyeshadow sparkles don’t fall down onto your under eye area (this looks bad regardless!).

When applying your cheek highlighter (you are using one aren’t you!?), don’t get too close to the laugh lines.  And be sure to smooth out skin as much as possible when applying product so it doesn’t skim just over the top surface of wrinkles, you want consistent application.  Goofy makeup faces and decent amount of  pressure when applying product are very helpful here.

Use shimmer products on areas where your skin is still relatively smooth – tops of cheek bones, eye lids, right under eyebrows, a touch of shimmer in lipsticks.

Strategy B – Product Choice

Be strategic about the type of shimmer product you use.

Say no to big chunky sparkles and instead say yes to super finely milled shimmer particles.

Liquid shimmer is typically going to be more subtle than powder shimmer and therefore more user friendly when it comes to wrinkles.

My top three favourite go-to products for magical glowing shimmer that is radiant and completely user friendly:

#1 – Liquid Illuminating Lotion – this stuff is seriously pure gold. If I had to pick a #1 top seller this is it. A tiny dollop of this liquid illuminating lotion gives your skin that fresh from the spa Hollywood glow. Love. It. So. Much.

#2 – Liquid Longwear Eyeshadow – The best of both worlds, long wearing eyeshadow that doesn’t crease or fade AND a touch of shimmer just where you want it, no messy eyeshadow sparkles. This is a game changer when it comes to eyeshadows. Best shade to start with is the seashell pinky/nude Purity (it’s the most versatile) and then add in shade Treasure for a sexy pop of gold.

#3 – Lipstick in shade Cover Shoot – My most favourite and top selling lipstick shade, Cover Shoot. The perfect nude lipstick shade with a subtle touch of shimmer. If your lips have become less full over time Cover Shoot gives the effect of a fuller pout without a lot of colour. Perfect worn alone for a subtle daytime look, layered overtop of a stronger colour, or paired up with a dramatic smoky eye – it’s the ultimate flattering, versatile lipstick shade.

Strategy C – Attitude

Embrace the fact that wrinkles are perhaps 5% more noticeable in happy exchange for the magic and beauty of radiant, glowing shimmer.

NO ONE and I mean NO BODY is staring as closely at your specific area of concern as you are. They are not thinking “geeze, Linda sure has some wrinkles right beside her eye.”


They are thinking “I’m so happy to see my friend Linda, she looks so happy and healthy, I’m excited to talk with her” that’s it, that’s all.

Long live radiant, glowing shimmer!