Where does sense of style come from?

What is a sense of style?

Stated most simply, sense of style comes from two primary sources:

  1. Knowing yourself (and by extension what looks good on you); and
  2. The self confidence to wear what you want to wear

Yes, style can technically also come from being on top of the trends and wearing the current seasons ‘it‘ pieces. But, I think most of us, myself certainly included, are looking for something deeper than simply being ‘on trend’ in how we style ourselves.

Experiencing a gap between the desire to have a sense of style and the reality of actually feeling like you have a sense of style?

Ideas to help you get in touch with your own personal sense of style:

  1. First things first let go of ideas of what is / is not “permissible” for you, keep an open mind
  2. What colours do you love / loathe
  3. What patterns/prints are you drawn to / despise (stripes? stars? geometric? florals? plaids? paisleys? whimsical? animal?)
  4. What people are in your life, or that you’ve seen in a movie, a celebrity, that you are intrigued with how they appear
  5. Use Pinterest and create your own style board
  6. Use Pinterest and study how people with a similar (doesn’t have to be identical) body shape as yours, dress
  7. Be more tactile and get magazines and tear out pictures of outfits you’re drawn to and create a style book for yourself, this could include colours, fabrics, doodles, it’s your book to design
  8. Are there any decades you are particularly drawn to, what elements from that era can you bring into your wardrobe, makeup or home design environment
  9. Acquaint yourself with the iconic ‘looks’ of fashion, these may be represented by a specific person, or a culture, or a key time in history, there’s a story being told, learn to look for it
  10. What are 2 to 3 key words that you’d like to summarize your style, and be specific, no vague words like ‘stylish’
  11. Get inspired; go to an art gallery, get on a plane and go visit a new world class city, go to a great coffee shop and people watch
  12. When you see someone who you think looks great, compliment them and then ask where they found their outfit/accessory/great lipstick, learn from others that are doing a good job at owning their own sense of style
  13. Learn to break a complete total look down into its component parts: what specifically is happening with the makeup? how have they styled their hair? shoes? pants? accessories? outerwear? Use your analytical skills, be a detective and then R&D the look (rip off and duplicate!)