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Working with Adrienne has awoken something inside of me, a new sense of “me”, and I love it! Three months on and I have cleared out my tired, 20 year old wardrobe, I mean literally bags and bags of stuff has been cleared out of my space, and replaced with more updated, key pieces and outfits that work perfectly for me in my business – I speak a lot – and my personal life – I travel a lot too! I’d been spending hours trying to pack for conferences and events, and longer running around trying to buy something new. Not anymore. Adrienne has helped me see how I really am style wise, not only my clothes but my make up too. I have “looks” that I easily recreate and that people comment on all the time. I love this new sense of me. And we did it all online too. So it worked with my crazy schedule. I feel so much better about my appearance, my image and my own personal style. Goodbye to confused 20/30 something and hello to a confident remarkable 40 something me!


Working with Adrienne Furrie is like having a celebrity stylist in your pocket. Adrienne recently helped prep my look for 2 days on stage in front of hundreds of people, cameras and video for a big event where I was stepping up in a big way. Not only was she easily able to adapt to my personal style needs, wardrobe and appearances, she was professional, attentive and made me look my absolute best for a professionally critical time. It was a relief knowing I didn’t have much to worry about each morning and could be fully focused on my work and show up totally confident. Because of that, I had a personal best performance and not only met my goals, but far exceeded them! I definitely got more than a fabulous look – I got a simplified life for a few days and major results! Thank you Adrienne!


As a wife and working mom of two I was always putting everyone else first and I was done with being on the back burner.  Not enough exercise, yoga once a month if I was lucky, same boring old clothes, same makeup routine (if I even bothered) and a virtually non-existent social life outside of work and family commitments. 

I listened to my heart and did something just for me. 

Professionally, and personally, I wanted my appearance to announce “Here comes a force to be reckoned with. I am strong, I am confident”. And maybe even more importantly, I wanted to feel womanly and attractive again. I used to get compliments on how beautiful I was and I wanted to hear that again, and most importantly, to feel and believe it. 

AND, I needed to be able to do all of this in a realistic amount of time! I’m a busy woman and don’t have all day to spend dressing and doing my makeup and hair.  I needed to be able to pull myself together quickly, know I look great, and get out the door. 

Adrienne provided the plan, the expertise, and the support and I put in the work. After just a few months I could tell my effort was paying off. I felt different and I acted differently. I was back. My kids noticed, complimenting me on how good I looked, my husband definitely took notice, and I had the confidence to really step up and go for it at work. 

You couldn’t ask for someone more dedicated to your best interests than Adrienne, she’s truly got your back and damn, the woman knows what she’s talking about.


Until my consultation with Adrienne, I based my fashion on function rather than an extension of self. As a result, aside from the purchase of stylish clothes for formal events, my wardrobe was very uninspiring. It comprised of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that got me through the day and made me feel invisible most of the time. After all, isn’t a trendy haircut and a splash of makeup what counts when it comes to beauty?! Don’t get me wrong. I can recognize and appreciate a styling woman when I see her. I just didn’t know how to awaken the style in me.

Thanks to Adrienne’s expertise, guidance and caring approach I now have a more holistic view of beauty and a clearer vision of my inner self. Beauty is multifaceted. It’s more than makeup and hair. It requires self-reflection, creativity, and an open mind. Who am I and what is important for others to see by the clothes I wear? What styles, colours and combinations enhance the image I want to project? What are the new and exciting possibilities I’m willing to embrace through fashion?

With these beauty tools firmly placed in my tool box, I’m ready to hit the stores with Adrienne to “jazz up” my wardrobe. I can’t tell you when I have felt more rejuvenated and excited about shopping!

Thank you, Adrienne, for helping me bring my inner beauty to life! I am truly fortunate to have you by my side. 


So I think everyone can relate and understand the importance of looking your best at professional events. However, Adrienne has helped me on a day to day basis in my personal life. She has given me the confidence and the tools for a quick 5-minute look so I can pull myself together quickly every day. This program has been fun and interactive with LOTS of great tips for organizing and pulling it all together. I highly recommend it!


As I have made my transition I have been so very grateful to have so many wonderful people helping me with many of the tactical aspects. One of those people that I am very fortunate to have had both her help and her friendship is Adrienne Furrie!

As I readied myself for my public transition, I wanted to get some input/advice on my overall look to give me that last boost of confidence. I contacted Adrienne and from the very first conversation, she has been compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Adrienne has helped me look more objectively at myself and bring out a very authentic, comfortable and true version of me. She has helped me seamlessly match the outside with the inside and through this provided insights, thoughts, and answers to any questions I have had. I now, after so many years, look in a mirror and see me!

After a couple of private sessions, Adrienne invited me to join her Image Reinvention Program. This program pulls together a group of women who share the desire to feel more confident and comfortable with their image and getting the outside us to match the inside. It helps make sense of the million choices for makeup, fashion and overall image. I decided to jump into it (kind of perfect timing!) and through this program have had the absolute pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of other women. Together we have had so much fun learning together, sharing experiences and feeling very supported as we have all stepped outside of our comfort zones!

I HIGHLY recommend the Image Reinvention Program…as well as everything Adrienne has to offer. She is a talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic woman and I am very confident she will be a positive influence on anyone that has the pleasure of spending time with her!


Adrienne, you are such an Incredible Woman, Teacher and Mentor. I’m so grateful that we have met and am so inspired by you!


Adrienne did my makeup for my wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a better job. She made me feel very relaxed with pre-wedding jitters and made the morning fun and enjoyable. All of my bridesmaids, my mother and I looked stunning for one of the most memorable days of my life. The makeup was flawless and remained that way for the entire day and night! I recommended her services for my sister in law’s wedding two years later and again a fantastic job was done by Adrienne.  


Adrienne made me beautiful on my wedding day. Taking into account the surroundings of the venue, and knowing my personality, she worked her magic to create the perfect effect. 


Thank you once again for your stellar coaching and guidance in helping me create my all-time favourite party makeup! I love it so much and you have rekindled a love affair with red lipstick again. Life’s good when there’s red lipstick in it!

You’re an inspiring teacher Adrienne and all around badass. So lucky I get to work with you. 


Yesterday my husband and I returned from Atlanta, Ga where we spent the weekend connecting with old friends. One of them showed us photos from our wedding that we had not seen before and commented on just how beautiful and youthful I looked. Adrienne had done my wedding day makeup and looking at these photos I realized what a wonderful job she did! I did indeed look both beautiful and youthful, not the easiest thing to master when working with a 58-year-old bride! Thank you again, Adrienne, for showing me at my best on my special day. 


After completing Adrienne’s Image Reinvention program, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and happier all around. I was in a rut of daily yoga pants, no makeup, and no confidence in myself. I was so tired of feeling this way that when I got the chance to join Adrienne, I took it! I no longer feel ashamed of how I look and I have a style that suits me and that I’m comfortable with. Adrienne is an amazing, knowledgeable, and fun person and a pleasure to work with!


Been meaning to email you to let you know of a surprise for me and my makeup.I went to a wedding in August and did the professional look with my makeup.  It was an outside wedding so I had my sunglasses on but when it came time to take them off I had immediate comments on how wonderful my makeup was from two different people.  Not people who I know either. In fact, one new acquaintance when I saw her a couple of weeks later brought it up again. So I guess the lessons worked!