Winter Edition Lovely & Local Box Giveaway Contest

Winter Edition Lovely & Local Box Giveaway Contest

Hey friends, 

I have a new giveaway that I’m pretty excited about to celebrate my most recent partnerships

With Eight ounce coffee and Matsu Kaze Tea⁠. in the spirit partnership we’ve all come together to give away 3 beautifully caffeinated (and some sparkles!) giveaways...  (See full details below👇)

3 giveaways, 3 winners (1 giveaway per winner):

#1 - Lovely & Local Box from me Adrienne Furrie Makeup
#2 - Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder from Eight Ounce Coffee
#3 - Uji Low Caffeine Matcha (20g can) & Chasen (bamboo whisk for matcha) from Matsu Kaze Tea

If you haven’t already entered, head on over to Instagram and enter away! 

The Details


     Lovely & Local Box: Get your hands on my latest seasonal subscription box which includes an AF lip balm, liquid sparkle eyeshadow, a beautiful porcelain teacup from Eight Ounce and Japanese tea from the doyenne of Japanese tea Matsu Kaze Tea. 


 Hand Grinder from Eight Ounce: A hand grinder has always been an essential part of any travel/work kit, and this is one of the best. With a ceramic conical burr set (the bit that grinds the coffee) and a sturdy handle, this will provide you with consistently ground fresh coffee to ensure a delicious caffeinated beverage. As you can easily adjust the grind size, the Skerton's suitable for virtually any brew method, and will protect you from the evils of instant coffee, wherever you are.


  Matsu Kaze Matcha & Chasen:  Made from medium grade, hand-picked, first flush leaves, this low caffeine matcha contains 80% less caffeine with only a 10% decrease in nutritional value compared to regular ceremonial matcha. Caffeine is naturally extracted using fresh water, through safe, innovative techniques. This matcha is freeze-dried and ground in traditional stone mills. It has slightly less aroma than regular matcha and a light and smooth flavour, not as deep and complex. It has a fresh-cut grass aroma, leafy vegetal flavour and a light finish.

This bamboo whisk “Chasen” is made by Mr. Sabun Kubo the descendent of 24 generations of “Chasen” artisans. It is designed for whisking matcha in a cup or mug instead of a matcha bowl so that you can easily enjoy matcha tea or matcha latte at home. It is made from a local brown bamboo that is dried for 2 years. 100% natural and chemical-free. 

T’s & C’s

  • Open to Canadian residents only excluding Quebec residents. 
  • Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. 
  • Giveaway will be closed at 11:59 pm MST on Saturday Jan 23rd/21 . Winners will be announced Monday Jan 25th/21! 
  • Entry requirements: Like post, follow all three accounts, tag a friend. Each new tagged friend = one entry.  Bonus x 10 entries: Share giveaway post in story  tagging all three accounts.
  • Each entry - will be added up from each of our partners Giveaway posts.  The winner will be selected at random and as long as they have followed all entry requirements, they will be contacted as a winner.
  • Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM and the prizes will be shipped or delivered by hand. 
  • If a winner does not respond within a 2 week period, a new winner will be selected.